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Provape's Provari Mini

Second Look: Provape’s Provari Mini

admin | December 19, 2017

So… if you’ve been following along on the juice reviews and all, you have probably got an idea as to where this one is going.

I’ll openly admit… the forum vapers were right. My Provari Mini is about a year and two months old now. Man, time flies.

The above photo was taken just minutes ago… it doesn’t look any different than the day I pulled it out of the box. And let me tell you, this poor thing has seen some things. It is my main device, so it goes back and forth every day to work. It also …

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Caffeine Vape Stix

EnergyShisha: Caffeine Vape Stix

admin | September 7, 2014

Now, for something a little different!

This arrived in the mail for me about a week ago, and I’ll admit, I was both excited and scared about it. Testing it out, however, became a challenge. Let me explain.

The Caffeine Vape Stix are basically what the title says… it’s an energy vape. There is no nicotine in this device, and it acts just like a disposable e-cigarette… open the package, take off the plastic cap, no buttons needed just vape. Only this one gives you directions:

Warning: Do not take more than 20 inhalations in an hour.

Use: Taking …

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Let's Talk About Battery Chargers

Let’s Talk About Battery Chargers!

admin | August 2, 2014

I know, such an exciting topic to discuss on a Saturday night! But let’s face it… since we’ve gone electronic, batteries have become a major part of our lives, and we’ve got to keep them charged if we want to keep on vaping.

Many folks have the starter kits they got from a local dealer or internet site, and they use the chargers that come along; screw them in, plug them into the wall, and be mindful not to overcharge. Some of them have a low whistle – I have one of those, and it is maddening! – and …

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