EnergyShisha: Caffeine Vape Stix

Now, for something a little different!

This arrived in the mail for me about a week ago, and I’ll admit, I was both excited and scared about it. Testing it out, however, became a challenge. Let me explain.

The Caffeine Vape Stix are basically what the title says… it’s an energy vape. There is no nicotine in this device, and it acts just like a disposable e-cigarette… open the package, take off the plastic cap, no buttons needed just vape. Only this one gives you directions:

Warning: Do not take more than 20 inhalations in an hour.

Use: Taking 5 three second intakes will provide you with a boost of energy lasting about 30 minutes. Each stick will give you up to 30 hours of energy.
And let me tell you something, when someone mails you these things for testing, only then do you realize just how much coffee you drink in a day and how many energy drinks you consume in a week.

The plan was to test these when I went to class at night to see if they kept me awake. This never actually happened because of my penchant for energy drinks and coffee. So this weekend I swore off coffee and energy drinks, and used this instead.

I woke up Saturday morning bright and early, only my butt was dragging something hard, so out came the caffeine vape.

It tastes super good. My first impression was that it tasted like Sweet Tarts candy. And the flavor doesn’t seem to fade out much. Vapor production isn’t great, but you aren’t going to use something like this for an all day vape, nor are you going to vape long enough for vapor production to really matter. There is no aftertaste and no smell.

After hitting this thing a few times over the last two days, I can say the caffeine hit isn’t as hard as the energy drinks I use. It is on par, however, with normal home brewed coffee. It kicks in a little faster than coffee, but not much. No hard crash at the end like with energy drinks. Really, it fades off after a longer period than the package says it does, and you hardly notice. I used it right before heading out to grocery shop, and it wore off while I was shopping, but I was already going so I didn’t notice. It did what I was hoping for, which is getting me going.

I did not do 20 hits in an hour. I did the five it recommended – and carefully counted those out – and didn’t hit it again for a few hours.

Two of these devices were mailed off to me, and I did try to get one of my vaping co-workers to take one and give me some feedback, but I couldn’t get any of them to take the second device. This is the only issue I can really see with it… how many of you are brave enough to try it?

My experience with it was a good one. It tasted good, it didn’t cause any heart palpitations or anything, there was no crash, no jitters, and it wasn’t an over the top caffeine rush; it was also a very mild let down from the actual caffeine instead of jumping around one minute and falling asleep on the sidewalk the next. And it probably isn’t as bad for your internals as your average energy drink.

This really could be a decent option instead of energy drinks, especially if you are prone to jitters or need something to keep you going toward the end of the day but don’t want to be kept up all night.

I was sent the devices and based my review off of them. They do, however, offer this in bottles for your regular device. I would highly suggest either using a spare tank or dripping this juice. Please follow the instructions and heed the warning.

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