Second Look: Provape’s Provari Mini

So… if you’ve been following along on the juice reviews and all, you have probably got an idea as to where this one is going.

I’ll openly admit… the forum vapers were right. My Provari Mini is about a year and two months old now. Man, time flies.

The above photo was taken just minutes ago… it doesn’t look any different than the day I pulled it out of the box. And let me tell you, this poor thing has seen some things. It is my main device, so it goes back and forth every day to work. It also goes to school with me now after work. It’s been to the beach several times, to Georgia on a road trip, several local NC road trips. It has rolled off the bathroom counter, kitchen counter, kitchen table, bedside table, and my desk at work. It has been transported in a hard case, in my pocket, in the rear pocket of my purse, in the extra front flap pocket of my computer bag as I ran to get to class on time, and has been held in my hand for extended periods of time. It has survived several gun shows and one state fair. It’s been passed around for viewing by other vapers at vape shops, gun shows, and school. It caused mad giggles from one woman who apparently thought it was an “adult toy” that she couldn’t believe I had on my desk at work… and I am still baffled by that. It has been stolen and retrieved once. It has seen three different Artemas tubes and one clearomizer it loudly decided it didn’t like and banished to e-pipe land. I’ve fallen asleep on top of it three times. Almost fell in the toilet once (I don’t recommend that at all). Has gone hiking and biking with me several times. Has been on far too many girls night outs.

Basically… it is well used.

And not once has it protested. I’ve kept up with the maintenance, cleaning it once a week… well, not always, but it seems to be forgiving of my laziness. It did cut out once due to build up, but was fine after a cleaning. And since that was completely my fault, I will not hold it against the device. It has let me know every time if a cartomizer was DOA. The finish is pure perfection. And the circuit board has hung in there just fine. We’re going stronger than ever.

I would buy another should something happen to this one. I never needed the warranty – which is now expired – and never had a complaint.

Yeah, this is money well spent. I’ve tried a few devices, as you’ll see below this review. And I always go right back to this one. I’ve had a few people scoff at the money I spent on the device, but honestly… it has paid for itself. It doesn’t abuse the batteries, so I am still using the batch I got when I ordered the device. I haven’t had to replace it. It has needed no major maintenance or work. And it has been very tough when needed. No complaints here.

So one year later, I completely understand why the Provari people love these things so much. It really is the last device you’ll ever need to buy.

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