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Dropped by the shop the other day on a road trip to the Charlotte, NC area. Carolina vaporizers was the first stop on my trip.

Just for information, Carolina vaporizers, right now, can be found here for those interested in his item menus. He’s got a lot of stuff in stock, both juice wise and equipment wise, and he’ll ship. You need to give him a call for now, but check back at the site, his website should be going live January, 2013, and then you can order to your heart’s content!

For anyone living in his area, or wanting to make a road trip, you can find him at 13020 Rosedale Hills Ave., Huntersville, NC. It’s a little shopping center right off the highway.

As for the retail location, I was impressed. When I walked in, the place was a very nice size, but there was a lot of empty space. Don’t let that fool you. He’s got a lot of stuff to offer anyone who is looking for anything.

As soon as I came in, he came out from the back room, ready to talk shop. His first question to me was what flavors I had tried from other juice makers that I really didn’t like. My answer? Raspberry.

It’s true. I love everything raspberry, but have never found an acceptable juice to vape, which shocked me. He pulled two canisters out from under the counter, opened them up, and inside was a little piece of heaven. He had more juice in those cases to taste than I’ve seen at any retail location ever. He pulled out a battery – which, by the way, was an intriquing little battery in itself – and started putting clearomizers on for me to taste.

carolina ecigs

And I tasted plenty of stuff. Some of it was out of this world, and some of it turned me away. But it was nice to be able to open his very large juice menu, point to something, and have him hand some over for a taste before I bought it.

His prices were more than fair, and his knowledge of the products he had was fantastic. He could answer any question I threw at him. And he was interested in what I already had, with growing his own inventory in mind. He asked about my setup in parts, and asked my honest opinion. That included the eGo-C Twist and the Artemas Tube. He has since gotten the Artemas Tube in stock at his shop.

It was a very laid back, chill kind of store. There was no rush, no pre-judgements, and no off the wall recommendations that you can’t figure out where they got the idea you’d like this. He actually listened to what you said and acted only on what you said. It was refreshing. I really wish his store wasn’t located 3 hours away, because I’d be in there every week. That’s probably great for my bank account, though. 🙂 If I wasn’t driving a sick 9 year old car, I’d probably still get down there at least once a month. But I got a menu and he’ll be getting some calls from me in the future. He won a customer here.

Like I said, you can go to his retail location or find him on Facebook via the link above. I asked about his website, and he said it should be live in January, 2013. I’m looking forward to it. Good people to deal with, fantastic customer service. Give them a go for your next goodies! And let him know we sent you!

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