Heather’s Heavenly Vapes

Received my first ever order from Heather’s Heavenly Vapes today. The order contained the following juices:

Angel’s Kiss
Clockwork Orange
Powder Keg
It also included a red eGo Mop Head clearomizer and several replacement mop heads. Please stand by for reviews of all products, coming soon.

The website was easy to navigate and the descriptions were great. One of the things I really hate is when a vendor gives a juice a name that doesn’t tell you anything about the juice, and then the description is either empty or also tells you nothing about the flavor. I was worried when I first went in because while I can see this vendor has a thing for Lord of the Rings – ex: Gandalf and Shadowfax – I’m not real sure what a white wizard and a horse would vape like. Thankfully, they realized this and made the descriptions very clear and detailed about what you could expect from the flavor.

HHVs makes juices when ordered, so you cannot expect the juice to ship the day after you place an order. I ordered my juices on October 6, 2012 and got them today. For a made to order juice company, that was a very respectable amount of time. Seven days, including shipping, and to be very fair, I expected the delivery to come this coming Monday. So I got it earlier than I expected.

It was packaged well in a small USPS flat rate box with plenty of bubble wrap and packing peanuts to get here safely. Everything I ordered was present and in good condition, and very obviously double checked on the included invoice.

I had requested that the return address not list the full name of the vendor, if it was possible, because of nosey family members and neighbors. This request was not honored. I’m not upset about it, but I make mention of it because I know some people do not want boxes showing up with reference to vaping on the boxes, for whatever reason. Many vendors will remove any reference to vaping from the boxes when requested. Please be aware that HHVs does not.

I did not have any reason to have any personal contact with anyone at the company, so I cannot review that.

Overall, good service! I thought it was very fast turn around for a made to order company, the products are packaged very well and professionally, and everything I asked for was there, nothing more, nothing less. Emails were short, informed, and didn’t come in large quantity, which I very much like. I’ve had vendors that send four or five emails at a time, and I’m not sure why they do this. I think I got a total of three from HHVs… one welcoming me to their site, one confirming the order, and one confirming that it had shipped.

Check back to see reviews of the juices and the hardware I ordered (please be advised that hardware reviews don’t come quickly… I give them plenty of time to let me down before I tell you about them).

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