Please be advised: This review is based on an in person experience from a visit to their retail location in Charlotte, NC. I have not yet ordered from their website, but I have a feeling I will. If I do – meaning I have enjoyed at least most of the liquids I purchased from them – I will do a second review for their online shop.

So I made a little road trip yesterday to Charlotte, NC, the intent being to do some Christmas shopping. But why not hit some vape stops along the way? I mean really… how often do I get to Charlotte these days?

One of the stops was a store I hear about rather often. Mad Vapes has one of the best looking retail e-cig logations I have ever seen. The inside of the shop is very much like the inside of a coffee house. They have tables and chairs set up, as well as a flat screen TV. Beyond that, there is a bunch of filled up counter space, and something in there for everyone.

madvapesSeriously, if there is a battery you want, or a new setup you desire, they just might have it in there. The back wall was full of PVs to please just about anyone who walks in the door, and the counter space was filled up with even more. Clearomizers, cartos, drip tips… Everything was set out for the picking. This was the first time I have ever seen e-pipes in person, and they had a bunch of them.

The menu was extensive. They had some China made e-liquid, but the majority of their menu was made up of their own custom juices, TopVapor. You pick your flavor, your strength, and your size, and they squeeze it out in front of you, slap on a label, and say next. Easy as that.

This is, sadly, the first retail location I have been to that does not have a tasting bar. I was a little surprised, especially since they make their own juices. The best I could get was a smell of the liquid, which I took as acceptable since you taste it with your nose anyway. Whatever it smells like is pretty much what it will taste like. So I accepted that as good.

There was only one person working there yesterday, a young lady. She was very helpful, pleasant, and was able to answer my questions. I didn’t toss any real doozies, but I had a few. She was able to match me up to what I was looking for, and that was gold.

If you are in Charlotte, NC, look them up.

7340 Smith Corners Blvd, Ste. 900
Charlotte, NC 28269

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