I don’t know much about Ploomz right now, so whether or not you can order from them… I couldn’t tell you. The only online page I find for them is via FaceBook.

Ploomz is actually a mall kiosk. Don’t roll your eyes and move on yet, stick with me. It isn’t the mall kiosk you are thinking of. No one jumps out and attacks you trying to sell you whatever over priced junk PV they happen to be carrying, there are no giant fog machine e-cigarettes blowing a haze over half the mall, there is no loud TV posted up on their kiosk screaming at you about how fantastic this is and you should switch now because then you can vape in places you can’t smoke, like in church, work, your friends’ houses without their permission, and various other places.

Ploomz vaporizersNo. When I walked up to Ploomz, what I was greeted by was a very nice young man who waited for me to approach him. Imagine that! It wasn’t a “I walked 16 circles before he saw me” deal, either. He waited until I approached and stopped to look before saying hi. Yeah, he said hi… without a weird sales pitch.

I walked up on the equipment side first, of course, where I noticed… eGo and Vivi Nova?! At a mall kiosk?! I run from equipment because I have way too many clearomizers, tanks, drip tips, atomizers, batteries of various sizes, colors, and designs, etc. So I didn’t think to look for pricing. I went right to the liquids.

I was pretty happy with their selection. Really had something for everyone’s tastes. And if the first one I have tried is any indication, they aren’t bad, either.

Price was a different vaporizers story. While I liked the service and selection, the price of the juice was a bit of a shock. I got a 10 ml bottle… price for one is $9.99, price for two is $15. Yikes! It’s a bit steep. Now… this doesn’t mean I won’t buy from them. I will, because I understand that the price in person is going to be higher than the price online. There are other factors involved and I’ve owned a business myself, so I know what those factors are and why prices are higher. I also know that we here in the area don’t have many options. We had three shops… one recently closed up shop. And his prices were the lowest of the group. His selection was also the largest. But he is gone and we’re down to two. Does this mean I am going to throw money at them left, right, and sideways? No. I’m on a budget, like the rest of you. So I may go visit every once in a while to get some supplies and bottles of juice in even numbers. They just won’t be my regular stop. I go to the mall maybe twice a year, so you can do the math.

But was it worth approaching an evil mall kiosk? Yes, it was. I was impressed, hands down. Selection was good considering it is a kiosk. Service was great. The guy I dealt with today was very pleasant and helpful and seemed to know his products. Always a good thing! Not common in any mall shop, especially kiosks. So it was a good visit.

Hit them up on FaceBook, and if you are in North Carolina, Ploomz is located in the Cary Towne Center Mall, right in front of the food court across from Gloria Jean’s. Physical address: 1105 Walnut St., Cary, NC 27511. Phone: (919) 628-6282

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