Second Look: Juicy Vapor

I want to make sure I keep people updated about vendors, especially ones I place multiple orders with, and most definitely when something has changed.

Sadly, something has changed with Juicy Vaporizers, and I want to make sure to get the news out there. So we’re taking a second look.

As some of you can probably tell, I order a lot from Juicy Vapor. They’ve got a few of my favorite juices in their lineup. So in my last order from them, I got a few 30 ml bottles of my favorites, as well as some trial sizes for others in my wish list. The 30 ml juices came in Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake, Banana Nut Pudding, and Caramel Candy. But when I got my vape mail, something didn’t seem right about the juices.

None of the juices were the color I was used to, all very much lighter. But the one that really caught my attention was Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake. Here’s the comparison:

The larger bottle was steeped for about two weeks and very carefully tended to, as it is my favorite out of the group. I steeped with cap on and off, and shook the bottle at least once a day. The picture you are seeing is the juice after this 2 week steeping. The smaller, almost empty bottle, is the bottle I had ordered in the previous order I placed with Juicy Vapor. It is about a month old, and not much darker than the day I received it.

I decided to give it a go anyway. I pulled out my eGo-C tank and filled up. The taste was extremely weak, almost not even noticeable, no matter how I set my Twist. I tried it on a standard eGo-T battery instead with the same issue. So… I filled up the DCT with an even worse outcome. This time, it just tasted burned no matter what I did.

I was feeling sore about this, so I did the same with Caramel Candy. Flavor was a little stronger and never tasted like burnt bacon, but it wasn’t as strong as usual. Banana Nut Pudding has almost no taste at all.

What I didn’t understand was that the trial sized bottles I got tasted just fine. Peach Cobbleresque was strong and tangy. Monkey Juice, Angry B1rd, and Brown Sugar were equally as good. Actually, I was planning 30 ml bottles of Peach Cobbleresque and Monkey Juice, I liked them so much.

So, in that case, let’s see what happened. Maybe the flavors don’t transfer to 30 ml well… why that would happen, I don’t know, but I don’t make liquids, so who am I to say? Or, maybe someone made a mistake. We’re all only human. Maybe there was a recipe change I didn’t know about, in which case they needed to know it wasn’t working. I’ve ordered from them a few times and nothing like this has ever happened before. I’ve always left happy.

I emailed. And I waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Honestly… I am still waiting. No response ever came. No acknowledgement of my email was given at all. I figured… OK, we won’t count a weekend. We’ll give credit because they are busy.

I’m still waiting.

And I’ll continue to wait patiently. Unfortunately, while I am waiting I won’t be able to place any more orders with them.

What do I want? A response. I can handle it if a mistake was made. I can handle it if they tried a recipe change to save money or whatever the reason may be. I can handle any of that and accept it for what it is, and would continue to happily order away. But if I email with a concern, I expect a response of some kind back, no matter what the issue is. Not looking for discounts or freebies… I just want to know if it is always going to be this way, a mistake was made, or… I want to know my issue was seen and someone cares about it. That’s really all I want.

Should I receive a response, I will update here immediately to let you know the response was received and what was said. And at that point we’ll take a third look, at which point I will tell you if ordering from them continues or ceases. I believe in giving everyone a fair shake. I believe in letting folks know when stuff like this happens (including the company, in case it was a mistake or they were unaware of an issue), but I won’t write off a business – especially a small business – completely unless it is considered necessary. So I’ll give them plenty of time to respond to my email, and get back to you all with the response, or lack thereof. We’ll say… One month. From today. November 24, 2012. If I have not received a response (and you haven’t heard any more about it in that period of time) I’ll post to give a third look. I think that is fair.

If you don’t think it is fair, let me know in a comment below, but be sure to let me know what you believe is fair instead.
Update: November 29, 2012

Well, the time has come and gone, and I even allowed a few extra days for good measure. No response was ever received to emails sent or posts to Facebook or forums. I didn’t nag, but gave an ample chance for it to be seen.

I have allowed the juices to steep for far longer than they should need to steep (they’ve steeped for the month I allowed for a response, plus the time prior to this post) and the juice has not changed. All the juices I received in that particular order were below average from what I have gotten from them in several previous orders, four of them were repeat orders, and none steeped to any better flavoring. They were all very weak and not what I was used to getting from them. As I said above, I am always willing to accept that handmade juices will not always be consistent, and mistakes can be made from time to time. But no matter what the reason, if there is an issue, I expect a response to inquiries to the company. I got nothing to even acknowledge I had sent two emails.

Because of this issue and the lack of response from the company in regards to this issue, I have no choice but to cease ordering from Juicy Vapor.

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