Kanger eVod Clearomizer

So you may have noticed lately that some of the juice vaporizer reviews have included the use of EVOD clearomizer, and the photos of my Provari Mini include a photo of it as well. The EVOD seems to be the latest great thing, and I let a local dealer talk me into buying one, even with my relatively strong distlike for clearomizers.

So how is it? It’s a bottom coil clearomizer for vaporizers. Nothing else. It is, pretty much, just like every other clearomizer you’ve ever tried, just not as user friendly.

The color is a nice, creative touch, but it really limits your ability to gauge how much juice you have left, especially with juices that match the color of the clearomizer or are lighter in color. You can see in the photo – all you have is a tiny little window on both sides. I like the idea of being able to tell right away, and I’ll be honest, my eyes aren’t what they used to be. For some, it may be simple. But for me… My nose is three inches away from the computer screen all day at work because I can’t see the type. So it takes more effort than I desire to see how much juice for vaping is left in there.

However, the biggest issue I have found is leaking. It does leak. I haven’t been taking it out of the house as much as when I first got it, but I noticed that it tends to get a little sticky. I don’t see pools of juice on the desk top or anything, but it is obvious that not all the juice is staying in there. And I did make the mistake of putting it down on the bathroom sink overnight on its side. That was the worst idea ever. When I got up, there was a pool of liquid around it.

Basically, I haven’t found this to be anything special. Cosmetically, it is much better looking than your average clearomizer. But performance wise, I don’t see any difference. It has not succeeded in endearing me to clearomizers. It is easy to take apart and change out pieces. It doesn’t add much weight. And it has enough power to work relatively well on my Provari Mini. Otherwise… Really, just a clearomizer with bling.

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