Maya iFill: Starter Pack

A few weeks back I was sent a little setup from the crew at Maya vaporizers to test out. I spent a good long time with the kit, putting it through the standard paces to get a good review of the item.

The equipment I received was a starter kit, the kit pictured above. It comes with one battery (colors vary, pictured is blue), a top coil clear colored, disposable clearomizer, and a USB charger (it does not contain a wall charging unit, but this does fit in to other wall charging units available, and does very well charging off the USB port of a computer). They also offer a starter kit with a rebuildable clearomizer and one extra head, but this is not the kit was I sent.

The battery itself is a 650 mAh ego style battery that is almost identical to what you usually see as far as this style. Aside from the connection. It is not a 510 connection like most ego style batteries. So you may need an adapter to use some of the more popular delivery devices if you do not stick with the kits they offer.

The battery finish is top notch, probably one of the best I have had on a battery of this type. It is very smooth textured, while not hard to grip, and the finish appears to be very tough and able to handle to everyday knocks and bangs.

Battery life is extremely good for a battery of this size, and charging is fast. It didn’t take long to get this thing back in action. You also have the standard five click on and off switch from the blue lit button.

The only complaint I have about this starter kit is that it does only have one battery, and it doesn’t appear they are yet selling extra batteries. It is a good kit for someone who continues to smoke as they try to make the switch, but if you are switching quick, you may find yourself wanting when you need to recharge your battery.

Value wise, the prices seem to be very good for a starter kit. The kit I was sent has a price of $24.99, the kit with the rebuildable clearomizer is $29.99. In all honesty, if you decide to make the switch completely, it wouldn’t kill you to buy a second starter kit. Everyone could use two of everything in that kit, anyway. I currently own about four different delivery devices and six chargers, depending on what I am in need of charging… or how many items need to be charged, as I’ve gathered a few batteries over the time I’ve been vaping.

Now, with this kit I was also sent two bottles of liquid and a package of pre-fill cartomizers. I must say… I have tried them all, and the flavor is very good, nice and strong as well as true to names. I’ll be doing a different review for the juices in time, but the pre-filled cartomizers are some of the best I have tried. It took me a good long time to drain one out, which was a pleasant surprise. Flavor was good and it lasted a long time.

Basically, this is not a bad option for someone starting out. Get yourself a starter kit and try it out, and if you like it, head on back and get another. I hope soon they’ll sell the batteries outside of the kits. I think this battery is doing a lot better than most of the recent egos I have bought (my first two are still going strong, but the rest… Not so much). For a beginner, this would be a better experience and much better introduction to vaping. For the veteran, it isn’t a bad option if you are replacing batteries, especially on a budget.

Interested? This provided link will bring you directly the kit pictured above. But they do offer other colors and some other kits as well. Click here to take a look.

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