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Well, if you read my last post about vaporizers, you were awaiting my thoughts on the ProVari. It has been about a month since I let the folks on ECF talk me into finally getting one, and I settled for the Mini, for two reasons. The first reason was that it could share the batteries I’d already invested in for the ZMax, and the second being that I wanted something smaller than I had. The smaller size now allows me to carry it in the hard case I’d bought so long ago for the eGo Twist batteries, which was an added benefit.

Provape ProVari MiniSo I’ve been using this thing for about a month now. The first day was a whole lot of learning curve before the light clicked on and I realized what was causing the problem. I spent about two hours trying to figure out why I was sucking air through the ProVari but wasn’t actually getting any hit from it. And this is something good to know. The ProVari hates the Artemas Tube I’ve grown accustomed to using. It dawned on me a while later, and I tried taking the locking lug off the bottom. It worked like a charm. However, it sort of defeats the whole intent of the Artemas Tube, so once this one goes I won’t be ordering another one. There’s no point.

After that, it’s been all sunshine and unicorns, like the forum people constantly tell you. 😉

The controls are easy to learn on this one, and it really takes the guess work out of everything else. For instance, yesterday I started getting a warning light popping on, and my first thought oh crap, I killed another one. So I checked and found out my ProVari was trying to tell me that my cartomizer had shorted out and it was time to throw it away. It was my first run in with that warning light, but it was nice to know the thing’s got my back.

The difference is astounding. The equipment I was using that was moderately noisy has gone silent. Throat hits, flavor, and vapor production have become consistent. It warns me when I need to pull over and change a battery instead of just going dead in the middle of rush hour traffic. The finish looks exactly the same right now as it did the day it arrived in the mail.

The day it arrived was a little shocking. There I was at work, unable to do anything other than dance around the front entrance door waiting for the mail lady to arrive with my box of magic. And there it was, a little white box and very surprised mail lady. I tore the box open and out rolled the largest amount of bubble wrap I’ve ever seen with a ProVari Mini trapped in the middle. With everything you hear about ProVaris, I was sort of expecting monarch butterflies and a heavenly choir, but I got none of that. There was a chunk of metal and the extra batteries I had ordered to come along with it. Nothing else… not even a manual. I was a little upset by the lack of manual, but they did take the time to stick in a slip of paper telling me they were too “green” to send a paper manual, but not “green” enough to not send a note telling me how “green” they are. I’d have to go to the website and get the manual there.

I decided to be “green” for once and downloaded it on my Kindle.

As I said, it was pretty easy to figure out. There are some codes to learn (like the E1 I got yesterday telling me the cartomizer shorted out), but it was pretty easy to figure out the common codes you’d use most of the time.

And so far, it is living up to the hype. Granted, it has only been a month since it arrived – sans choir and butterflies – and we’ll take a second look in a few months. But right now it has already beaten the Lava Tube and once it passes it’s three month mark it will have beaten the ZMax. The finish has already outlasted the ZMax. So we’re winning already.

Stick around for more to come.

In the meantime, check out Provape to test your own ProVari. And check out their blemish section to save a few dollars on one!

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