Second Look: Artemas Tube

OK, so from those pictures, you are probably going to assume this is going to be an ugly review, but what makes it interesting is that it is actually not going to be!

This happened sometime this afternoon. I have a basic idea of when – about the time it began burning when I was vaping, and I blamed bad batteries for it, and then blamed the cartomizers. I was on my way home from clothes shopping for a new job when the burning began. I didn’t notice anything at that time on the Artemas Tube.

Back up about a month or so… Back to when I bought Artemas 2. I bought a second one and put it in reserve because I managed to put my PV down on my bathroom counter and it rolled off before I could catch it. When I picked the setup off the ground there were very small fractures in the plastic on Artemas 1. I figured I had about a week left before it began leaking, so I went down to the local shop and bought a new one while I was there replenishing some juices. That was right after Christmas, I believe.

So for it to have held on this long is impressive in its own right. But this break was very fast.

Artemas Tube vaporizersToday was an unusual day, too, and I think it may have led to the death throws you see above. Before we went shopping, I had to stop at the local detention center to get my background checks so my new employer can see for sure that my record is clean. But before going in, we went through an airport like scanner/metal detector combination. I had no idea we were going to be sent to the detention center for this (it was done in the sheriff’s department until recently) and wasn’t expecting the scan, so I wasn’t prepared and didn’t think anything of my setup. The cops at the detention center, however, thought about it a lot. Not being familiar with it, my PV looked, to them via the scanned image and being among other items, like a knife. So out it came and passed around it got, because once they saw it they were even more curious. My PV made the rounds at the detention center. So it had a rough day.

Anyway, on the way back home, I started having trouble vaping. I was getting that burned taste, and assumed my cartomizer was going. I began trying to suck juice in, in hopes of making it another 30 minutes until we got home, but it wasn’t doing much good.

I sat down to run off some things on the computer and noticed my freshly changed and refilled Artemas tube appeared to have gotten real low on juice real fast. That is when the crack caught my eye, and I picked it up to see if it was another fracture like the others.

Let’s just say the juice got everywhere, and I wasn’t happy about it because it was the last of a very good and very expensive juice. But I was left holding my battery with the bottom piece in one hand and the top of the Artemas tube in the other, and juice all over my desk and pants.

Now, with all of that considered…

The Artemas tube has been in use daily since I got it. It has been with me on car trips, has been handled by other vapers and shop owners, been passed around a detention center, gone for walks in the front pocket of my purse (with nothing else in the pocket with it), was forgotten about and taken on a rather long bike ride while hanging around my neck, and been dropped off a bathroom counter. I had written it off as numbered about a month ago and it kept on trucking anyway.

So while I stand here holding my faithful Artemas tube in two pieces, I am very happy to have the replacement on top of the battery right now. And when this one goes, I will get another. I can’t say a bad word about this particular DCT. It has not failed me even once and has performed to standards I didn’t expect and couldn’t get out of most other delivery systems. And when it broke in half, instead of being upset, I found myself astounded to see just how thick that plastic really is.

This thing is no joke. Backing out has been cut down tremendously. It has never leaked, even with spider-web like fractures on what I can only assume is the surface. It has stood up to the ultimate tests you could give a DCT and has performed better than any other delivery system I have ever owned, even during the worst. It was easy to maintain and never even got foggy.

So on this second look, I will say with all confidence that this DCT may be slightly more expensive than most, but it is worth every cent. I am now working with a pristine Artemas Tube (Artemas 2) and expect it to perform equally as well. This second one doesn’t seem to be made of the same material (1 was the gun metal version, and it seems heavier and more solid on the ends; 2 is black and seems lighter and possibly a different material, so I don’t know). If it does not perform like Artemas 1, I will let you know. But don’t imagine any problems.

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