Smoktech ZMax

I have had the ZMax now for just under a month, so I wanted to talk about it a little bit. Anyone who follows us on FaceBook and Twitter probably knows exactly when the issue started, but it has gotten worse.

For reference reasons, the tube is the “black” version, you can go to the below post to see how it should look. And to see how it looks now, just click the images above. Also… the cap on the bottom is stainless steel, so that isn’t part of the complaint.

To date, the ZMax is performing very well. Battery life – with the two 18350 batteries and the extended cap – is about 24 hours of normal vaping. A local shop may try to tell you the batteries will hold a charge for three days, but unless you are a super light vaper – which I am certainly not – this isn’t the case. I’ve been doing well at about 24 hours, which beats out anything I’ve owned before this anyway. The batteries take about one to two hours to charge, which is also a huge improvement.

Smoktech ZMaxOnly one function problem, and I blame the cartomizer. Because of the strength of this set up, I am using a 3.0 ohm cartomizer for max taste. I’ve been doing really well with them, but they only last about a day and a half to two days. A particularly resilient one lasted me three days. I did, however, have one that I set up to the max volts this system allows – which I have done more than a few times – and it popped. I wasn’t sure what had happened at first, but something inside the cartomizer literally popped, and the burned taste I got was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. It was like sucking on gasoline. It didn’t hurt me more than sticking your tongue on a 9V battery, but it did make contact with my mouth. Like I said, though, I blame the cartomizer for that – also Smoktech.

Anyway, by now you are probably curious about those photos up top. Well, on February 22 I posted to FaceBook when the issue first began. It started out small, and at first I thought it was getting scratched in my purse.

But as time has gone by, the finish is vanishing more and more on a daily basis. This is where we are as of right now. And you probably can’t see it in the pictures, but in person you can see where the finish is actually pinching, like it wasn’t dry and was pushed around the surface.

It is also exactly where my hand rests when I vape. So odds are, the oils in my skin are taking the finish off. I began vaping left handed just to see if it did it there, too, and sure enough, you can see where it starting on that side, too. I don’t have particularly acidic skin like some people tend to. I’ve handled over and over many things with finishes similar to this, and this has not happened on those items. But it began happening very quickly on the ZMax.

Now, this is a cosmetic issue only. It doesn’t bother function at all, and function wise I am thrilled with this system. But if cosmetic issues bother you, this could get you. I very much liked the black finish, I’m not a big fan of stainless steel finishes on anything. But I really don’t like the dull silver it is turning, quickly. I assume within the next month this thing is going to look like it got run over by a truck. It already kind of does. A few people have seen it standing on my desk at work and asked me how long I’ve had that thing exactly. When I say less than a month, eyebrows go up. And that is from people who don’t vape. It really does, now, look like it is about five years old. It got real ugly real fast.

But, aside from being ugly as sin, it is a great setup. The taste is outstanding. It has saved a few juices and ruined a few others for me, but overall I am very happy I bought this. It was money well spent as far as I am concerned.

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